Ozark banjo uke - modification

27 Apr 2010

Ozark banjo uke - modification

Further to last post, the sore arm continued.

I have a rather odd playing style, and tend to let my inner forearm rest on the top edge of my ukes while strumming.  That works fine on standard ukes, but when I bought this banjolele, I was finding the tension rods were cutting into my arm.

This wouldnt be a problem with a conventional strum, so I am not having a dig at the Ozark!  Did need sorting though.

Thanks to Andybanjo at the Banjo Workshop, I sourced a used arm rest from an 8" head banjo.

Arrived today, but sadly the holes dont quite line up with my tension rods - I therefore have it clamped somewhat unconventionally as you will see.  When I say unconventional, I mean the tensioners are now angled inwards slightly, not perpendicular to the head.  Maybe that isnt unconventional - i dont know!

No matter - the banjolele is now comfortable!!


  1. Is that the 2035? And did you post a topic about it on Ukulele Underground?

    Saving up for one myself.

  2. Yep the very same - great uke. Check out my update though!


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