Famous Ukulele players - part 1

26 Apr 2010

Famous Ukulele players - part 1

Blog title says it all really... but I wanted to show that not all ukulele players are like George Formby or Tiny Tim - there are some very very cool ukers out there - take a look!

This will become a regular feature, and I will collate the famous ukers on the Famous Ukulele Page accessible from the menu at the top.  There is a link on that page that gives you access to all of my editions (now up to edition 13!!)

joe strummer ukulele
Joe Strummer

neil armstrong ukulele
Neil Armstrong (yes, THE Neil Armstrong)

elvis ukulele
Elvis Presley

george harrison ukulele
George Harrison

phill jupitus ukulele
Phill Jupitus

john lennon ukulele
John Lennon

loudon wainwright ukulele
Loudon Wainwright III

paul mccartney ukulele
Paul McCartney

amanda palmer ukulele
Amanda Palmer

adam sandler ukulele
Adam Sandler

frank skinner ukulele
Frank Skinner

So. there you are - if you know of any others (and have pics) let me know and I will upload them.


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  2. Warren Buffett:


  3. Regarding Neil Armstrong, that is of course a famous picture. But was he really a ukulele player? Or did he pick up a uke that just happened to be there?

  4. I believe it has been reported elsewhere that he was a player - whether he was serious or just learning, I do not know. But it is accepted he requested a uke was there in quarantine for him

  5. Jeff Lynne:http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=jeff+lynne+ukulele&FORM=HDRSC2#view=detail&id=A5B6F5BBB2ED816805DF015E32C6CE734E709E95&selectedIndex=2


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