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4 Nov 2011

Creep - Ukulele Chords - Radiohead

Following my recent posts about Amanda Palmer and, most recently, the chords to No Surprises by Radiohead, I have had a few messages suggesting I put the ukulele chords up to Creep.

This is a song I do like to play, and has become something of a fingerpicked ukulele staple at our local uke jams with friends.

The chords below are in line with the recording, but personally I prefer to play in a different key as on the ukulele I think the transitions sound more resonant and "sadder".  If you want to play my way, just replace the repeating chord progression with C, E7, F, Fm.

CREEP - Radiohead

When you were here [G] before
Couldn't look you in the [B] eye
You look like an [C] angel
Your skin makes me [Cm] cry

You float like a [G] feather
In the beautiful [B] world
I wish I was [C] special
You're so very [Cm] special

But I'm a creep [G]
I'm a wierdo [B]
What the hell am I doing here [C]
I don't belong here [Cm]

I don't care if it [G] hurts
I wanna have control [B]
I wanna perfect [C] body
I want a perfect [Cm] soul

I want you to [G] notice
When I'm not [B] around
You're so very [C] special
I wish I was [Cm] special


She's running [G]out the
door [B]
She's [C] running out, she
Run [Cm] run, run, run

Run [B]
Run [C]

Whatever makes you [G] happy
Whatever you [B] want
You're so very [C] special
Wish I was [Cm] special

then end with

I don't bel [G] ong here 



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