Ukulele Lady - chords for Ukulele

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10 Jan 2011

Ukulele Lady - chords for Ukulele

A very nice Hawaiian themed song for the ukulele - nice to play and sing along to.  Lyrics provided for educational purposes only!

If [C]you like Ukulele Lady,
Ukulele Lady like-a you.
[G7]you like to linger where it's shady,
Ukulele Lady linger 

If you kiss Ukulele Lady
While you promise ever to be true,
[G7]she sees another Ukulele
Lady fooling 'round with 
[C]you [C7]

[F]Maybe she'll sigh [C]Maybe she'll cry [D7]Maybe she'll find somebody else[G7]
By and by

To [C]sing to when it's cool and shady
Where the tricky wicky wacky woo
[G7]you like Ukulele Lady,
Ukulele Lady like-a 


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