Blue Moon Of Kentucky - ukulele chords

10 Jan 2011

Blue Moon Of Kentucky - ukulele chords

This is a really nice bouncing traditional tune that I think works wonderfully on the ukulele - just get into a chugging rhythm on your uke and away you go!

(lyrics provided strictly for educational purposes!)


Blue [A]moon of Kentucky, keep on [D]shining.
Shine [A]on the one that's gone and proved un[E7]true.
Blue [A]moon of Kentucky, keep on [D]shining.
Shine [A]on the one that's [E7]gone and left me [A]blue. [A7]


It was [D]on a moonlight [D7]night,
The [A]stars were shining [A7]bright.
And they [D]whispered from on [D7]high,
"Your [A]love has said good[E7]bye."

Blue [A]moon of Kentucky, keep on [D]shining.
Shine [A]on the one that's [E7]gone and said good[A]bye.

Repeat Verse


  1. love this song its big fun 2 play on mu uku

  2. This is one lively heck of a song to strum on the uke ! Yeah !

  3. It sounds even better on a banjo uke.

  4. When growing up my folks sang this song but instead of "the one that's proved untrue" it was "the one who's left me blue"

    and "your love has said goodbye" was "our love will never die"

  5. That's not the whole song you've missed some out........Blue moon keep on shining bright gonna bring me back my baby tonight...Blue moon keep shining bright the chords to that is A-A7-D-Dm-A-E7-A that's the Elvis version mind.hope that helps.

  6. Love this song, does anyone know the chords on the uke for the Elvis intro, I'm new to playing the uke and can't figure it out. Many Thanks


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