Uke Leash Competition - the result

7 Jan 2011

Uke Leash Competition - the result

A big thank you to all those ukulele players who chose to enter my competition to win the Uke Leash.

The responses were fantastic and really show a love for the ukulele (see the comments on the post HERE )

Some of my favourites included Richm2778 who said

"Simply put, I love the ukulele because when it is in my hands, I hear only beautiful music, even If it is only noise to others. Those 4 strings make right everything that makes me feel the world might have done me wrong. It makes me feel joy."

and Mikes simple

"I love the ukulele because you just can't cop an attitude with 2 feet of guitar in your hands."

Grist provided us with poetry

"Whilst I play my ukulele,
I consider myself blessed.
But I cannot describe my love,
of this instrument from above,
in fifty words or less.

Mere words do not explain,
my feelings deep inside.
But my ukulele conveys,
my emotion when I play,
and my love for her cannot hide."

And a message of love from Bert

"I asked out my first girlfriend by playing her a song on the uke. That was the beginning of a great love between me and this great little piece of wood known as the ukulele. I get so much joy from playing and it reminds me of her every time."

But there has to be one winner and I have decided to go for the simple.  JT Gigcast wrote

It's pure Joy: Four Strings. Three chords, Two minutes to learn, One lifetime to master. :)

Couldnt have put it better myself!  Well done to you JT Gigcast, can you message me through google friend connect, and we can sort out postage.

Cheers everybody!


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