Ukulele blog Poll - RESULTS

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8 Oct 2010

Ukulele blog Poll - RESULTS

When I started this blog, I set up a poll on the right hand side to figure out what sort of readers I was getting.  Its now closed, and thank you all for voting.

I asked: What Are You?

The results.... (386 people voted)

Don't own a uke, don't want one - 1%
Don't own a uke, want one - 12%
Got a basic uke - 40%
Got a few lower level ukes - 25%
Got some super ukes in my collection - 20%

Results are a great help and whilst the majority of visitors are clearly beginners, there are some good numbers there from people who are collecting ukes, or those who have some stellar instruments.

I have now started a new poll on the right regarding strings - give it a go!


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