New strings for Fluke Ukulele

8 Oct 2010

New strings for Fluke Ukulele

Well I've only had it a day and I couldn't resist.  As I said in my review of the Fluke below - it came with Aquila strings fitted.  Whilst these are a HUGE step up from the rather nasty GHS strings these ukes tend to come with, my experience with the Flea ukulele taught me that Aquilas don't work too well on these plastic backed ukes.

Aquilas are great strings, but you do find people who seem to suggest its them or nothing at all.  I think that's wrong, and you should experiment.

The Fluke with the Aquilas sounded good, don't get me wrong, but certain chords sounded a little muddy, perhaps a little boomy.  This was exactly the realisation I had with my Flea when I put Aquila strings on that.  I think Aquilas are just a little too powerful for what is already a powerful ukulele.

On my Flea I settled on Worth BM's.  I don't have any BM's lying around, but I had a pack of Worth CM's which are pretty much the same string, but clear, not black.

I've strung the Fluke with the Worths and the sound is much better - it has that bell like chime now, and the separation between notes is clearer.  Pleased I made the change and a thumbs up again for Worth strings.


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