string update on the Bruko slimline

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6 Aug 2010

string update on the Bruko slimline

As posted earlier - not really happy with my usually reliable Aquilas on my Bruko slim - they were a bit "too much" for it if you see what I mean (such a light delicate little instrument)

I have some Martin Flouros on order, but then digging inside one of my uke cases I found the set of Ko'Olau golds that I had fitted to my Mainland.

I really wasnt happy with the tuning of them on the mainland, and found them too precise and slippy.

Anyway, whilst I wait for the Martins, I have just popped them on the Bruko.  Immediately I know I am on the right track moving away from the Aquilas - whilst I worry about the Ko'Olaus  in terms of tuning stability, when in tune on my Bruko, they give a much sweeter tone to this little thing- chiming sound, and as good a volume level as Aquilas (and no booming)

Will leave these on for a while to determine if they suit this, and it was just the Mainland they didnt like.  I figure that if I hit the same tuning probs, I put on the Martins - this being the same route I followed on another sweet delicate uke in my collection - the Mainland

More to follow


  1. Interesting ! I also have a slim bröko and I did not know he was in Ko'Aloha uke strings.
    I look forward to your advice!
    Thank you for this information.

  2. it did not arrive with Ko'aloha strings, I am testing them. Brukos ship with Pyramid strings

  3. Yes, but what do you think about Ko'aloha strings with you brüko slim ?

    There is more volume or more sustain or inappropriate for this ukulele ?

    Thanks, good evening.

  4. Sorry for the questions in my last comment :-(
    I had not seen the note of August 7.


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