Ko'olau strings on the Bruko

7 Aug 2010

Ko'olau strings on the Bruko

Well, I have been playing my new slim Bruko all day with the Ko'olau gold strings on it.

I am very surprised and very pleased.

These strings came off my Mainland some time ago as whilst I loved their tone, I found them too temperamental.
They were properly stretched, but I was finding they would slip slightly out of tune with temperature change, particularly the temperature of the fingers - very odd.  Anyway, as I say, I liked the tone, but they were, in my view, more trouble than they were worth.

Put them on the Bruko for the hell of it to replace the overkill Aquilas, and, well, they are great!

The uke sounds lovely and balanced now, and I have had no tuning issues with them.

They also look great in contrast to the black uke (they are a gold colour)

I read an awful lot on uke forums where people ask "which strings should I buy".  This is a case in point that the answer is - it depends - try all strings on all ukes - some suit one type, some another, and all are subject to your own ears.


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