New strings for the bruko?

5 Aug 2010

New strings for the bruko?

If you read my earlier posts, you will note that my new Bruko slimline came with the usual (in my view nasty) Pyramid nylon strings.

I swapped those out for Aquilas.  Now, I did that for a couple of reasons:

1. Aquilas are in my opinion a great string that work in a wide variety of situations (but see comments below)

2. I used to own a Mahogany solid Bruko 6 and I really liked Aquilas on that uke.

All of that said, as much as I love Aquilas, they are not ALWAYS right on every uke in my opinion.  They drive thick topped ukes (and non solid beginner ukes like Dolphins) really well as they are seriously powerful.

 But....  I did learn a lesson with my Flea and my solid Mainland, where Aquilas seemed a bit overkill, a bit boomy, and a bit.... well, too much!

I now run Worth clears on my Flea and Martin Flouros on my Mainland and in each case I think I have found my Nirvana on those instruments (personal choice I know)

Anyway - the Aquilas I put on my Bruko slim seem too much, too powerful - it is such a light delicate little thing.

Bit the bullet, and have some more Martin Flouros on the way to test on the Bruko - review to follow.


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