Got A Ukulele Features - Antica Ukuleleria / Marco Todeschini

10 Apr 2020

Got A Ukulele Features - Antica Ukuleleria / Marco Todeschini

Next in a series of posts where I turn Got A Ukulele over to those who have a ukulele related trade that is likely to be impacted by Covid-19. Consider giving these people your business and if you can't, share their message to others who may. Today we head over to one of the worst affected places on the globe, Northern Italy and say hi to the fabulous luthier, Marco Todeschini.

Marco Todeschini Ukulele

Hello everyone I'm Marco Todeschini an Italian luthier specialized in ukulele building. Maybe someone remembers my Antica Ukuleleria uke or the weird UFOS, reviewed here by Barry.

The plan for this spring was to participate in some festivals to let people try my latest model of ukulele in jute: Sacco, on which I worked a lot the during 2019. Things went differently and, not being able to work at the ukes from home during isolation, I filled time by empowering my website.

Here some news:

- More customizations available. Once I used to make only small series of standard models, now the main acoustic (LIBERO) and electric (ELETTRICO) model can be customized with many options. Just switch from STANDARD to CUSTOM to enter the configurator and play with it.

- The new SACCO ukulele. My new model that features a jute bio-composite shell.

- A new ordering process, with the possibility of seeing the next free slot in the building list

- UKES IN STOCK session. With some ready-to-ship ukes.

- A R and D session that I'll manage as a blog, listing the experiments I love to do. (now the list is short, but I'll update it step by step).

If you have some time off, take a look at the site, play with the configurator, go through the different options and... if you find some error, give me a shout please;) I'm not a web developer :)

Ciao and stay safe





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