Got A Ukulele Features - Samantha Muir

18 Mar 2020

Got A Ukulele Features - Samantha Muir

Next up in my posts aimed at 'paying it forward' in these troubling times for those in the uke world whose livelihoods are going to be affected by Covid19. We need to share and help these people out more than ever. I discussed this recently with Samantha Muir.

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Sam is a professional classical musician who is also a ukulele performer at many festivals and teacher. All her work that involves interaction has been cancelled or postponed. She does however also offer online tutorials. She wrote to me as below and I would encourage you to share it around!


Hi Barry, Thanks for supporting ukulele artists, players and makers!

This week I have seen all my teaching and ukulele events (including a tour) either cancelled or postponed. It’s mind-blowing! But we are all affected so I am also counting my blessings - I am at home, surrounded by people I love, able to start doing more online work, and clinging to online social interactions with friends like a lifeline. I’m taking it one day at a time…

It’s really important that we all stay positive and united so I’m offering some FREE ukulele play-along tutorials: ALL sheet music is in tab and staff notation with chord option. YouTube videos are embedded in the page. Everything is FREE but with a DONATE what/if you can option. I also ask people to consider buying one of my other books. In the current financial predicament I’m leaving it for people to make their own decisions about what they can or can’t give.

I’m happy for others to share these tutorials with their students and groups. (Please just credit the author.) 

1. This is a play-long tutorial on Yellow Bird.

2. Some thoughts on the present situation with FREE access to my 10 Easy Melodies for Ukulele. Includes a how to read tab section.

3. Easy play-a-long version of Sinner Man. There is a melody, an accompaniment and a chord option.

In an effort to help other friends I’m going to create a resource page on the 'I Love Classical Ukulele' site listing what other people have to offer.

Thanks again and stay safe!





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