Got A Ukulele Features - George Bartle - Sharing the Classics

28 Mar 2020

Got A Ukulele Features - George Bartle - Sharing the Classics

Another post aimed at helping out someone in the ukulele world. Just been told about a new book available from George Bartle.

George Bartle Ukulele

George writes.... Give him a hand or if that's not possible share this to someone who might. These could be a great antidote to having a lot of time on your hands!

Available Now!

A brand new concept, a brand new book.
Sharing the Classics. 12 classical duets with play-a-long tracks.
Over the past week, I have been busy writing a book of ukulele duets for one or two. How does that work? Well, you get backing tracks for each duet part which means you can play them with a partner, or on your own - perfect for these isolated times!!!

It comes with a pdf book which can be read on your tablet or printed onto paper. 

It will be available on Band Camp soon but you can order it directly from me at an introductory price of just £7 by emailing me at:
1. Greensleeves
2. Pachelbel’s Canon
3. Largo from Winter (four seasons)
4. Romanze from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
5. Haydn’s Surprise Symphony
6. Andante Haydn Trumpet Concerto
7. Ode to Joy
8. In the Hall of the Mountain King
9. The Elephants (carnival of the animals)
10. Overture from Hansel und Gretel
11. Largo from New World Symphony
12. Basse Danse




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