My Top Ten Ukulele Videos of 2019

7 Jan 2020

My Top Ten Ukulele Videos of 2019

Was just going back over some YouTube stats for the Got A Ukulele YouTube Channel. And there were some surprises in there.  Which got me thinking.. which were the most watched ukulele videos on the channel last year?

Got A Ukulele YouTube stats

That is to say, the most watched in terms of views as opposed to numbers of 'thumbs up'. So here we go.. In reverse order..

10. The one about dealing with ukulele buzzes

Not a surprise this one I guess - I do share it a lot as it's a question I get asked a lot!! 14.7k views in 2019.

9. The review of the Kala Ziricote

This one was a surprise because it's quite an old review from 2016. I suppose it is an eye catcher in the thumbnail though. It clocked 15k views in 2019 and has over 75,000 overall

8. The review of the Epiphone Hummingbird

Another surprise, but this time because gained a lot in only half a year (it was only reviewed in 2019). Still, makybe it's serving to convince people I am not a full time Epiphone hater.. 15.3k views in 2019

7. The one about adjusting ukulele bridge setup

Not a surprise I guess and another oldie from 2015. Still pulling in the viewers with 15.4k in 2019 and 70,000 overall.

6. The Fender Montecito review

OK this one disappoints me, mainly because I'm still not a fan of Fender ukuleles but people are clearly still searching for them. Hmmm.. 15.6k views in 2019 despite this being an old one from 2017.

5. Fitting a strap button

Yay! Strap buttons!! And to think, when I first posted this it felt like I was getting death threats from some traditionalists.. 19.8k in 2019 and 72k overall!

4.  The 'how to buy your first uke' guide

Pleased with this one despite it being an oldie from 2014. And that's because I still think the advice is helpful and if it's helping beginners not buy trash, then that has to be a good thing. 23.7k views in 2019 and a chunky 289,000 views overall.

3. The Risa LP review

Pleased with this one too because it was only done in mid 2019 but was extremely popular. That's good because it's a terrific ukulele. 33.5k views in 2019

2. The 'how to hold the ukulele' one

I'm glad this video is being found and watched because it's such a simple topic but one that foxes many new players. 37.2k views in 2019 and 145k views overall

1. How to change strings

Had to be I suppose. The basic fundamental stuff that matters. This one had 40.7k views in 2019 and has had 208k overall.

So, thanks again to all readers and viewers in 2019. Here's to the year ahead!




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