Ukulele Headstocks

15 Oct 2018

Ukulele Headstocks

Pretty much, but not quite, every ukulele I have ever reviewed on the site (so far!) in headstock only form..

ukulele headstocks

I say, 'not quite' as four are missing... For reasons I can't remember, I don't have headstock pictures of them! You can click the image to make it a bit larger if you want to take a closer look.. There's also a joke in there too..




  1. Lots of interesting headstock designs! I'm afraid the joke has flown undetected right under my nose...

  2. Did you hold all these ukuleles in your hand?

  3. 1st row 7th pic is a fretboard. I have no idea what that is in the 5th row far right pic. Are these the joke?

  4. No, no joke. All instruments have been reviewed on this site. First one you mention is an ashbury Lonely Traveller (no headstock) and be second is a Risa Uke Solid


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