A Quick Catch All Note Of Thanks

6 Sept 2018

A Quick Catch All Note Of Thanks

Just a quick public note of thanks (that I should probably do more often!) for the kind donations to either the Got A Ukulele Patreon, or through the tip jar button on the website.

barry maz ukulele

Despite what some people think, I don't get paid to write Got A Ukulele, and intend it always to be free. The instruments that come my way pretty much all get sent back, and those that don't go to charity. That way the site stays as impartial as it can be. But it does cost to keep it going. I always try to send a personal email of thanks when someone tips the site, but my email inbox is frantic with uke emails these days and I fear I miss some of them now and again (plus, I've just been on holiday with family and convinced I missed some!)

So as a general catch all - many many thanks to supporters - it's much appreciated and does help keep the site going! In fact, whether you make a donation or otherwise - thanks for your support - a kind word is wonderful too.

If you want to donate, the PayPal button is at the end of this email, or you can use Patreon on the following link https://www.patreon.com/gotaukulele

Baz x




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