VTAB MV-TS2401 Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

15 Jul 2017

VTAB MV-TS2401 Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

As you can probably imagine, I get an awful lot of new ukulele brands sent over for review. It's become quite dizzying how many new musical instruments are coming out of China, and this is another new brand for me, a concert scale ukulele from VTAB.

VTAB Concert Ukulele

Now, it must also be said, that whilst 'on the whole' the quality levels coming from China have improved, I still find they can be somewhat hit and miss. In fact, when I am advised there is one coming over, I tend to assume I will be underwhelmed rather than massively impressed. I know that's pre-judgemental, but there you are. They are not as dreadful as they once were but they rarely wow me. But I was actually pleasantly surprised opening the packaging on this one as you will see.

This MV-TS2401 (seriously guys, work on that model name, please!...) is in concert scale, and in a traditional double bout shape. And it's really quite striking to look at.  It's what they call their 24 series, which refers to the fact that the whole thing is 24 inches long. I'm noticing this naming convention more and more from China and personally find it both irrelevant and a little confusing. I don't actually care how long the overall instrument is, but I DO want to know what scale it is from the traditional scale categories. So a measurement of 15" from saddle to nut tells me this is a concert ukulele. So why not put the word 'concert' in the name? It's what most people understand.

We have an all solid Engleman spruce top, made from two pieces, with a really nice warm colour to it and supremely straight grain. It really is very nice, and also appears to be pretty thin too. This sits on top of a body and sides made from laminate mahogany again with a pleasant warm colour and grain. The back is slightly arched and made from two pieces, and we have two piece sides. It's all put together accurately too and feels secure and solid.

VTAB Concert Ukulele body

We have some edge decoration in the form of maple bindings to the top and back, with some black / white / black detailing on the top edge. Note that is actual maple, not cheap plastic and that is always nice to see. We also have an inlaid abalone rosette around the sound hole. Both elements of this decoration are nicely done.

VTAB Concert Ukulele top

Bridge wise we have a pin style bridge (something that I always like), made from rosewood and fitted with a compensated bone saddle. It's a nice design, with touches of Taylor guitars in it, but I'm not as keen on the overly glossy finish on the wood. I much prefer bridges to look natural. Still, it's neat and tidy and applied well. People often get confused by pin bridges, but they really couldn't be simpler. Putting on new strings is as simple as tying a large enough knot in one end, removing the pin, putting the string in to wedge the knot inside the hole and putting the pin back in to secure it. Those pins incidentally seem to be plastic.

Talking of gloss, the whole instrument is finished in a gloss that is actually pretty wonderful. One or two very minor bubbles and a tiny bit of pooling near the end of  the fingerboard, but on the whole a really high gloss. In fact, I will stick my head out here and say that apart from the significantly more expensive aNueNue models, this is one of the nicest gloss finishes I have ever seen on an instrument from China. It's up there with some of the great glosses on some upper end Chinese Kalas and the like. Seriously. I hope this isn't a one off as it really is very good.

Inside and things are also pretty neat, delicate bracing, notched kerfing and no mess. The makers logo, like several I have seen from China is a wooden sheet with the logo applied in pyrography.

Up to the neck, this is made of mahogany, from three pieces and also finished in gloss. It's a fairly generic profile and is kind of a medium 35mm at the nut.

VTAB Concert Ukulele neck

Topping it is a rosewood fingerboard that looks a little dry, but at least is nice and dark and even in colour. We have 18 nickel silver frets, with 14 to the body and they are dressed very well. This is helped by more maple edge binding on the edges which gives it a very classy look. Nice appointments all round on this one I think.

We have plastic pearly position dots at the 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th spaces, with the 12th being a double spot. These are repeated on the side too. Nice.

Past the bone nut and we have a really REALLY attractive headstock. It's faced in rosewood and glossed too and looks  very high end to me.  Oh, and of course, it's a slotted headstock which always make me weak at the knees! I suppose my only gripe is the VTAB logo which is in plastic abalone, seems a bit lost and too dark against the dark facing. Would like it to stand out a bit more. There is a bit of polish unbuffed out of the slots, but that is easily tidied up with a cloth.

VTAB Concert Ukulele headtock

Tuning is provided by unbranded,  chrome rear facing pegs with vintage shaped buttons. Very nice. Very similar to those on the Kala ASAC slot head tenors.

VTAB Concert Ukulele tuners

Finishing off the package is a branded gig bag, some picks, a clip on tuner and a spare set of strings to accompany the Aquila strings it is fitted with. And here's the thing. This is going to have an RRP of $115 and an expected retail of $95. You read that right.  That's not a typo.  There's a bit of shipping when getting one from them, but only taking the price to $107, so still a very very good price. And that price really took me by surprise because on closer inspection, this is a ukulele that is very well put together, brilliantly finished and extremely attractive to look at. I was honestly expecting that price to be much higher. It looks like a much higher end instrument. Yes, I know it's only solid in the top, but still...

It's nice in the hands, not overly heavy either and also balanced. This thing just keeps ticking the right boxes. Surely there has to be a catch?

VTAB Concert Ukulele back

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm struggling to find a major one. Setup is within acceptable limits OK, so it's not the highest end tone in the world, but it has the things I want. We have decent volume, we have decent sustain, we have some harmonic jangle, it SOUNDS like a concert should! About the only thing I would complain about is that the geared tuners feel a touch grindy, but that could easily be solved with a drop of sewing machine oil.

The individual notes are clear in the mix and as I say, the projection is really surprising. Intonation is good on acount of the accurate build and setup and you get a pleasing vibration into the chest on strumming. Dead and unresponsive this is NOT. I've had a lot of fun playing this. Strummed and picked equally too, this has surprised me. Picked it projects just as well and this isn't going to see you lost in the group.

It's a fun instrument to play with a nice voice that is just very pleasing. And I am simply foxed as to how they have done it for the money. Really.

I suppose the only thing I am concerned about is how to get hold of them. At the time of writing this I think you can only buy from them direct from China (links below) which may put some people off. I really do hope we see some dealers outside of China start to pick these up though. Recommended!




Great classy looks
Very good construction
Excellent gloss finish
Nice wooden bindings
Wonderful headstock


How to buy one?
Logo lost on headstock
Somewhat grindy tuners


Looks - 9 out of 10
Fit and finish 8.5 out of 10
Sound - 8.5 out of 10
Value for money - 9 out of 10






  1. Nice review Baz, compared to a Lanikai?

  2. Wow, stunning deal. I'd certainly have low expectations too. Without having a review like yours to read I'd have assumed it was junk.

    Have to love the brand names coming out of China. VTAB? Reminds me of my similarly priced "Uk Dream" Uke-bass. Wonder if they meant UK Dream? I knew I was taking a risk with that one, but wasn't willing to pay Kala prices for something I just wanted to goof around with so rolled the dice. I got lucky and it's pretty good. Doubt I'd do it again though. Thanks for taking the mystery out of a lot of instruments we see on line.

  3. Looks great Baz, let me know when they make a Baritone!
    They definitely need to work on their own brand names though...I still love my KaKa Tenor lol

  4. Impressive review Baz. I love the fact that you don't pull your punches. After reading review after review here and other sites on the internet, I decided to give the VTAB go. I should receive it in a few days. Time will tell if yours is a "one off". I will keep you posted.
    Love, Peace and UKE.

  5. My VTAB arrived last week and I can honestly say I agree with everything that was said in your review. Not a one off. It is beautiful,The workmanship is top notch, the support is Unbelievable. But the SOUND blew me away. Clean clear and loud. There are ukes costing much more whose sound cant compare. Anyone considering a uke should give the VTAB a try. To steal a quote from you, I just don't know how they did it for the money.

  6. That is SO good to hear. With 'new' brands I always worry I have been sent an instrument selected for good review. So good to hear that it wasn't a one off.

  7. Hey All GotaUkulele fans! To continue to receive the introductory/review pricing of the TS2401/Q (TS-C10/CQ10 for 2018;) just enter 'gotauke1' discount code at checkout! Also stay tuned for the All New 2018 Soprano & Tenor sizes to round out this TS-Series!! Thanks for continued support, Cheers! -VTAB Team

  8. Based on this review and some similar comments, I ordered this ukulele today. Thank you, Barry, for your efforts to sort the wheat from the (ukulele) chaff! I'm looking forward to this early Christmas present to myself.

  9. I received mine a few days ago and I'm happy to say it's every bit as nice as Barry describes in his review. It's a lovely instrument, well-constructed and finished, and sounds delightful. Mine has a tiny scuff mark on the headstock just above the nut (probably a tool mark from stringing) but otherwise perfect. I'm not a fan of the glossy finish on the neck, so I took some 0000 steel wool and dulled it up a little. It feels much better now. I switched to Martin fluorocarbon strings just because I don't care forthe Aquilas. This will more than likely become my travel uke, but I think it's not going to just sit in the case. My other, higher-end ukuleles have some definite competition!

  10. Hi Baz, My new VTAB concert arrived a few days ago, It only took eight days to arrive all the way from China and I was able to track it's progress via their excellent web site.
    Your review is spot on and my ukulele has the same excellent finish (no flaws at all) and has been easy to tune and also holds tune really well considering it's a new instrument. As you say in your review don't know how they do it for the price.
    Anyway thank you for helping me make a decision, as a beginner, as to which ukulele to buy.

  11. Hi!
    I also ordered a new VTAB and it arrived really quick, very efficient, for the fantastic price of £88. So impressed!
    A huge Thank You for your review, I was thinking of spending several hundreds of £ on a classy uke, before I found this review. You saved me loads! Cheers! Ann in Devon.
    ps. Also grateful for recommending uke teachers, when I am ready to have some lessons.

  12. Got mine and i believe this is anew update which the name on the headstock is in gold, i think the perloid style is classier. I received mine with matching wood pattern and very pleasing to look at. First time uke plinker.

  13. In addition, these no longer come with a tuner and price is $114.95
    purchased in California but was shipped very fast via UPS.
    Strummin n plinkn away...Thx🐧

  14. A real struggle to buy in the UK. Anybody have any ideas?


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