The Essential Ukulele Accessories

10 Feb 2017

The Essential Ukulele Accessories

Just a short Ukulele Beginners Tips video I was compelled to make following a discussion I saw online recently.

ukulele accesories

In that discussion, somebody (a new ukulele player) was asking what accessories they should buy to go with it. I was staggered by the rather unhelpful responses, including odd ideas and several items that really just are not needed when starting out. I was also staggered at the lack of mention of the basics.

So, here you go... enjoy

Now - please bear in mind that these are the ABSOLUTE BASICS I recommend. If you like buying gear, you will find my fuller list of ukulele accessories here - some of your suggestions may be on the longer list - but this video was about BASICS.


  1. Nail file and nail clippers. The clippers also come in handy if you need to change the strings. First thing I throw in any gig bag or case. Learned this while playing fiddle.

  2. Yes Teri - so do I, but I wouldn't put in my absolute basic essentials for one simple reason - not everyone grows their nails out to play!

  3. Great video, great advice. My only changes would be to encourage the string winder with the clipper on it (meeting Teri's use for changing strings) and encouraging an extra pack of strings for the case (you mentioned this but it wasn't "officially" on the list.

    Thanks for all you are doing to help beginning (and continuing) ukulele players, Barry!


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