UKE Magazine Awards with Got A Ukulele

11 Sept 2016

UKE Magazine Awards with Got A Ukulele

For some time now I have talked on Got A Ukulele of my praise for the UK's first and only 'in print' ukulele magazine called UKE Magazine.

The reason for that is simple - I think it's a damn fine read put together by a chap who really knows and understands the ukulele world.
Uke Magazine Awards

I'm delighted therefore that Got A Ukulele is associated with the Uke Magazine Awards that have been launched in the current issue. Working with editor Matt Warnes, we came up with a range of categories for the awards, namely:

Best UK Ukulele Artist
Best International Ukulele Artist
Breakthrough Ukulele Artist
Best Ukulele Live Act
Best Ukulele Album or EP
Best Ukulele Festival
Best Ukulele Club or Jam
Best Mainstream Ukulele Brand
Best Professional Ukulele Brand
Best UK Ukulele Luthier
Best Ukulele Accessory
Best Ukulele Strings

The details are announced in the current (Issue 7) of Uke Magazine, and the results are ALL down to the readers. Following the instructions in Issue 7, readers are invited to make their nominations in the categories from anything they choose. We will then whittle down the entries and in Issue 8 a shortlist for each will be announced and readers given one vote for each category. Issue 9 will announce the lucky winners!

UKE Magazine
Credit - Matt Warnes / World Of Ukes

And aside from that, Issue 7 has some great content in any case, including features on James Hill, Manitoba Hal Brolund, Hester Goodman and much more!

You can grab a copy direct from the World Of Ukes site or, handily via Amazon on the links below.


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