UKE Magazine - 12 Months Flies By

3 Apr 2016

UKE Magazine - 12 Months Flies By

A little over 12 months ago, I wrote a short review of the first printed ukulele magazine available in the UK. UKE magazine was born, and now with a year gone it seems to be going from strength to strength.

UKE Magazine

You see, that was quite a big thing back then. Sure, there are lots of ukulele resources on the internet (you are reading one!), but there is something I think most people think is nice in having something in your hand to read. The US has had a printed ukulele magazine for some time, but there had been nothing in the UK. The brainchild of Matt Warnes of Omega Music / Feckless and Fuddle, Matt decided to even the balance. I think at the time he wasn't sure how it would be received. I'm personally glad to see that it is still working, so he must have got something right.

Actually, I know he got something right for the simple reason that I genuinely look forward to my copy arriving. As someone who reads a ridiculous amount of stuff about the ukulele online, impressing me is no mean feat!

It's nicely printed, and it always contains interesting articles. Don't think this is UK centric - we've had articles and interviews with the likes of Danielle Ate The Sandwich, Mike Hind and Jake Shimabukuro, but it's the variety I like. Really something for everyone. Throw in some expert contributions, like tabs from Phil Doleman and you are laughing. I've also loved watching the travels of the famous Bruko ukulele around the UK (watch this space on that one!!)

UKE Magazine tabs

Now on issue 5, you can get still get back issues, or you can subscribe. I would recommend it! Here's to the next 12 months Matt!

You can get it direct from World Of Ukes HERE, or if you like the convenience of Amazon purchases - it's available there too (Amazon Uke Magazine )


  1. I got this for the first time. It wasnt in Smith's so I ordered it online. Great bit of reading and its cool that in this day and age it even exists! May it long continue!


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