Travelling South - George Elmes

30 Jan 2016

Travelling South - George Elmes

Another one! I pointed out in my last post that I don't share a lot of YouTube videos - that's because I get sent SO many that it's hard to screen them without offending... so I don't...  On occasion though I do come across videos myself that just make me go a bit 'wow' and find myself WANTING to share them. That is the case with this one from Dublin based ukulele player George Elmes.

Not quite sure how to sum up what made me share it because it's a combination of so many things. Wonderful technical skills, wonderful timing , wonderful style - and a tune that doesn't sound like many old fashioned renditions often used to show of skills.  Don't know why, but reminded me of dramatic music in good Spanish cinema I have watched. Nice ukulele too!! (Kiwaya!)



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