The pUKEs - Exmas - Charity Christmas Single!

28 Nov 2015

The pUKEs - Exmas - Charity Christmas Single!

Always puts a smile on my face when there is a new pUKEs release and what better than a ukulele band with a Charity Chrismas Single?

The pUKEs
The pUKEs - credit Mark Richards

Another self penned track from the band with a superbly produced video (see below). What  I love about the pUKES is that whilst they are ukulele driven band, when you listen to them they sound like a 'band', and a good one at that. They use the ukuleles as what they are meant for - to make music. The music THEY like, with not a Hawaiian twee derivative thing in sight!

Great tune, great driving rhythm, great vocals.

The single is available for pre-order on iTunes at and the money raised is going to the Rock N Roll Rescue charity in Camden.  Rock N Roll Rescue is a volunteer run music shop that directs it's money to a range of local charities including local food banks, homeless, kids and the like. It was set up by Knox of punk band The Vibrators and has been supported by the pUKEs for some time.

Have a pre listen and watch the video - not least as you get to see old mate and pUKE Paul Redfern dressed up as an old lady..

The single gets a launch party too - 6th December at the Dublin Castle pub in Camden.

And in other pUKEs news - they have a mini tour this December supporting none other than Bad Manners!

12 December NORWICH Epic (with Bad Manners)
13 December LONDON Under The Bridge (with Bad Manners)
18 December LONDON Under The Bridge (with Bad Manners)
 20 December BRIGHTON Concorde 2 (with Bad Manners)

Be sure to grab the single - its a cracker and all for a great cause.


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