Fancy Something Different? How About Ukulele Speed Dating?

15 Nov 2015

Fancy Something Different? How About Ukulele Speed Dating?

Ah, the ukulele boom. Certainly still in full swing around the country and the world. But do you ever find the events are getting a little samey? Festivals large and small, club nights in most towns on any night of the week. And so on. Then something catches your eye that is just that bit different. Ukulele Speed Dating is certainly that!

Brainchild of Lorraine Bow of Learn to Uke fame I thought this was a really neat idea. Lorraine is known to many people and us a ukulele teacher in London. She started the Learn To Uke ukulele classes, Ukulele Wednesdays and KaraUke and figured that as ukulele playing is such a social pastime, and that many people are single - why not put the two together?

Lorraine Bow Ukulele Teacher
Lorraine Bow

Speed dating is nothing new I guess - but with a ukulele? A new one on me!

Ukulele Speed Dating is starting out on 1 December in the Goldsmith Bar and Kitchen in London SE1. It's going to start with a 45 minute speed dating session followed by a strum along until 9pm to meet more people.

Learn To Uke

Importantly, this is not just about dating. Whilst you may find the love of your life you may actually use it to find new ukulele friends. At that can't be a bad thing can it?

For more details - see

Lorraine is someone with a real knack for ukulele events so I am sure this one will go from strength to strength. I look forward to news of the first Ukulele Speed Dating wedding!


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