The Got A Ukulele World League Tables

10 Oct 2015

The Got A Ukulele World League Tables

Back in 2012 I gave a snapshot of the world demographics of people who read Got A Ukulele. You can see the results here, and it made for quite interesting reading. Well... assuming such things excite you... I was wondering lately whether there had been a shift in readers locations and if any dark horses were climbing up the rankings...

ukulele globe

Back in 2012, the top 10 of the origin country of visitors looked like this (as a percentage of visits to the site)

At 2012 location of visitors to Got A Ukulele

1. USA - 53.1%
2. UK - 27.9%
3. Australia - 6.0%
4. Canada - 5.1%
5. Germany - 2.3%
6. New Zealand - 1.5%
7. Thailand - 1.3%
8. France - 1.1%
9. Singapore - 0.9%
10. Italy - 0.7%

Roll forward to 2015, and with over 8 million page views on Got A Ukulele, has that changed at all?

We now have this list

At 2015 location of visitors to Got A Ukulele

1. USA - 41.49%
2. UK - 23.76%
3. Australia - 5.99%
4. Canada - 5.68%
5. France - 2.31%
6. Germany - 1.98%
7. New Zealand - 1.72%
8. Singapore - 1.29%
9. Phillipines - 1.03%
10. Netherlands - 0.97%

So no change in the top four but their share of the split is down. France have leapt above Germany, New Zealand and Thailand and we have new ukulele entries for The Philippines and Netherlands (sorry Thailand and Italy).

Last time I also worked out what these visits meant as a percentage of population of each country.

The order changed to this...

At 2012 Got A Ukulele visitors ranked by proportion of their total population

1. UK
2. New Zealand
3. Australia
4. Singapore
5. USA
6. Canada
7. Italy
8. Germany
9. Thailand
10. France

And with 2015 we have the following

At 2015 Got A Ukulele visitors ranked by proportion of their total population

1. New Zealand
2. UK
3. Australia
4. Singapore
5. Canada
6. USA
7. Netherlands
8. France
9. Germany
10. Phillipines

So there we have it - we have a new ukulele world leader - New Zealand!!

New Zealand Ukulele rankings

Interesting? Possibly
Scientific? Not really
Pointless? Probably...  I'm here to please...


  1. We like pointless stats.
    More, please.

  2. 64.6% of people agree with you Tony...

  3. Kia ora from Aotearoa/New Zealand :-) We'll take any "win" we can get, especially if it's at the expense of Australia!

  4. Kiwis seem to have taken to the ukulele in droves. I moved back home here to NZ after being in Australia for 8 years, and I thought the ukulele movement in Australia was big, but NZ takes the cake - and the proof is in the 'pudding' as per Barry's stats! :-) LOL Thanks for sharing...

  5. Hey Barry, out of interest... where did you get these stats?

  6. Lorraine - they are just the stats for visitors to my site as reported by Google Analytics.


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