Jake Shimabukuro To Tour The UK!

22 Aug 2015

Jake Shimabukuro To Tour The UK!

I am probably a little bit late to this party, but I don't usually put up gig or tour announcements on Got A Ukulele. This one is a little special though. Jake Shimabukuro is touring the UK for the first time ever. You heard that right - THE Jake Shimabukuro.

Jake Shimabukuro To Tour The UK

That is pretty massive news actually, with Jake being probably one the most well known and highly regarded players of ukulele on the planet. And this is his first time in a proper tour of the UK.

He is playing four dates:

15 September - Liverpool - St Georges Hall
17th September - London - Kings Place
18th September - Leeds - Town Hall
19th September - Bath - The Forum

All great venues! The tour has been arranged by Grand Northern Events (yes, the very same Grand Northern folks behind the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, so you know it is being organised with care and love) on a not for profit basis. Not long to go now - so time to grab your tickets!

For more details, visit - http://www.grandnorthernevents.com/jake-shimabukuro-first-ever-uk-tour/



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