Win a Makala Waterman - THE RESULT!

26 Jul 2015

Win a Makala Waterman - THE RESULT!

Well this one proved to be one of my most popular competitions with hundreds of entries from all around the globe. The names have gone into the hat, and as in previous draws one lucky winner has been drawn by my five year old daughter!

This shiny, brand new Makala Waterman is winging it's way to..

Karl Catteeuw from Bruges, Belgium.

Congratulations Karl, and everyone else - thanks for entering - there will be another giveaway soon!

Oh - and the answers to the questions were...

1. Which Acacia Wood ukulele did I review and what was the score - the answer was the Kala KA-ASAC/TE/C - and I gave it 8.9 out of 10

2. Who was the uke designer who made the original plastic uke the Waterman is based on - Mario Maccaferri

3. What is the name of the new Kala US Koa series of instruments? They are called the 'Elite'.


  1. Thank you! My 10 year old son also plays ukulele, and he already claimed it as his because his zodiac's Aquarius, of course... We'll get a picture of him with it!

  2. I started a small ukulele club in the midlands, and advise all my fellow ukaholics to look up your website!

  3. Well done Karl!! :D Hope you and your son enjoy the awesome Ukulele.
    And thanks Barry for holding the competition. I lookl forward to the next one. :)


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