Mim's Ukes - My Little Buttercup

19 Jun 2015

Mim's Ukes - My Little Buttercup

Regular readers of this ukulele website will know that I was rather affectionately (not really) called 'Buttercup' recently during a spat. It's led to me being honoured in song by the fabulous Mim's Ukes...

And in return for that she gets a BIG recommendation from me as a reliable ukulele store that you SHOULD visit if you are on that side of the pond.

Errrr, thanks Mim!



  1. Mim's such great fun. Love the song too!

  2. Mim is awesome! That uke she's playing sounds great!

  3. Great song, performance and tribute. I will second your recommendation of Mim's Ukes. I am the happy owner of one of her Ohana sopranos with tenor neck which arrived expertly set up and with my requested low G string. She is very reliable, as well as highly talented as we see in this video.


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