The Most Viewed Ukulele Videos On YouTube

13 Apr 2015

The Most Viewed Ukulele Videos On YouTube

So, just because it sounded kind of fun, I thought I would look up the most watched ukulele videos on YouTube.  There certainly is something about the ukulele, perhaps more so than other instruments these days, that makes people keen to point a camera on themselves to perform. But what is getting all the hits?

Well with a search for the term 'UKULELE', in the number one spot with a whopping 64 million views, we have the most over played song on the ukulele ever, played by a cute kid.

Hot on his heels with over 19 million views we have.... Another cute kid and another massively over played ukulele song..

In at number three. With 15 million views, it's..... a kid on a ukulele. Sensing a pattern here?

At number four we have an adult at last, and who else? Jake Shimabukuro. Strangely, he does look kind of baby faced too I always find. He clearly can't match the cute kids on the vocals though as he keeps his mouth shut... Nearly 14 million views

And in fifth place, thankfully another adult. Sadly another cover of that damn 'I'm Yours' song. Admittedly a nice enough one though.

Incidentally, in the 6th to 10th place slots we have a touch more variety (including the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain) but two MORE children and one more cover of I'm Yours.

Read in to all that what you will. For me, if aliens from another world visited planet Earth and looked at this posting as a means to understand our culture, I think they would reach a few of conclusions

1. That ukulele masters are actually children and we are somehow born with innate ability to play which diminishes as we get older
2. That there are a small number of adults who retain that gift, but they lose the power to sing...
3. That Jason Mraz is a cultural GOD worshipped on four strings the world over.

And, now, I'm depressed...


  1. ROFL!!! Thanks, Barry, for giving me a huge laugh to end my day.

  2. Haha! Brilliant, the powers diminish as we get older - that's got me laughing!

  3. PMSL Barry. I think you might be right on all counts.

  4. Ha ha!!! I agree with Mike Warren :-) Mind, not only have I never seen Star Wars, I have also managed the ukulele equivalent, having never heard anything by Jason Mraz. I think he is just an anagram, anyway.

  5. I'm quite chuffed with 30,000 views on "this message" not bad for an original by a nobody.

  6. I'd rather watch your videos Mike than any of these!

  7. Your "analysis" gave me a good laugh!


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