UKE - The UK's Ukulele Magazine - REVIEW

6 Mar 2015

UKE - The UK's Ukulele Magazine - REVIEW

If you play the ukulele and didn't know about this publication (called UKE) where have you been hiding? In case you missed it though, UKE is a brand new print magazine, to the best of my knowledge the first of it's kind for the UK ukulele scene. I've got a copy of Issue 1 in my paws, so time to let you know about it.

UKE Magazine

It seems a strange thing to me that we haven't (until now) had a print magazine for the ukulele community over here in the UK. Sure, there are international print versions, but nothing that speaks to this community. Matt Warnes of Omega Music music decided to create this side project and has pulled together and edited this brand new journal on all things uke for the UK. Note - this is not a 'dealer brochure' or 'shop magazine'. Whilst Matt works at Omega, this is not an Omega music publication.

Inside Uke magazine

So for a little under £5 delivered (£4.90) to be precise you can get your hands on a copy. And I think it's actually quite a treat. In these days of internet media in its many many forms, I still do hanker after a print magazine and still pick up quite a few. And this from a man who writes a ukulele website! But I'm serious, sometimes it's nice to sit back with a mug of tea and something to read in your hands that isn't on a tablet or a laptop!

It's beautifully and professionally produced and really does contain a bit of everything. We've got interviews/ articles with professional performers (Phil Doleman, Zoë Bestel and Will Grove-White to name just a few), news nuggets, a great review comparison of Kala tenor models and lots more.

ukulele club feature in uke magazine

The interview with Phil was great, and really showed off his very laid back and fun side I thought. Really nice to see the additional commentary from his mate and old sparring partner Ian Emmerson too.

The article with Mark Pugh from Stones Music was another highlight for me as it showcases his trip to NAMM to get the latest buzz in the world of ukuleles. In NAMM Season, the social media sites fill up with pictures to drool over, so it's nice to get a first hand diary account of a trip there.

The feature looking back on the hugely successful 'Uke Express' event last year will certainly be of interest to both those who attended and those who could not alike. (I'm in the latter camp and still kicking myself at missing it).

I won't list everything, that would be pointless (you can buy your own copy!), but we've also got a look at the club scene, some tablature, a feature with luthier Rob Collins, in fact what you would want from a good enthusiasts magazine. Oh and Got A Ukulele gets a mention, so you can see Matt has good taste.... ;-)

I applaud it and think Matt has done a very good thing here. Can't wait for issue 2!

You can order your copy of UKE on the link below - recommended if you love the ukulele!

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