Grand Northern Ukulele Festival - A Main Stage Preview

29 Mar 2015

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival - A Main Stage Preview

Well, only about a couple of months to go before one of the worlds most 'feel good' ukulele festivals takes place in Huddersfield. Time, I think, for a preview of some of the leading acts on show this year.

The trouble with this post though, there are so many acts performing this year, that I couldn't possibly feature them all in one post. Your browser and your internet connections wouldn't thank me.... So first up, let's take a look at some of the headliners for 2015.

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival logo

Manitoba Hal Brolund

A regular in the headline slot in festivals all around the world, and a top end performer. Hal has a natural 'blues gift' that transcends the ukulele he chooses to play it on. I've featured him on Got A Ukulele before which was a joy! Not to be missed.

Here he is performing at the UK's Southern Ukulele Store last year.

Sarah Maisel

Sarah made her UK debut in 2013 and absolutely blew the audiences away. Another Got A Ukulele interviewee, and another performer who not only oozes talent but is one of the nicest people you would ever meet. Can't wait to see her again.

Here she is performing in the UK in 2014. Sublime.

The Quiet American

The Quiet American are husband and wife duo Aaron and Nicole Keim from the USA, who deliver a great set of old time Americana with some style. I've not yet seen them live or met them, so I am really looking forward to this one.

Check out the video what also includes Keim Jr!

Craig Chee

Whilst understandably associated with Sarah Maisel since he became engaged to her (!), Craig has been an extremely well known name in his own right on the ukulele circuit and someone else I will be meeting for the first time this year.

Have a listen to him performing with Sarah and Ukulele Undergrounds own Aldrine Guerrero here.

Phil Doleman

Where would a UK festival be without an appearance from one of the UK's best loved stars - Phil Doleman? A real 'players player' and a jolly good egg too. Cover star of the new UKE Magazine as well don't you know?

Here he is at last years Uke East festival in Norwich.

Zoë Bestel

When she performed at her first ukulele festival last year at GNUF 2014 she absolutely knocked the audience sideways. I should know, I was there! A true rising star who is going to go on to great things in the world of music.

Oh boy that voice!

And there you go - she says herself that the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival was the best festival she has ever played at EVER! Wise words Zoë!

So that's about it for this main stage round up - but there are 30 plus artist in total across several stages. Really something for everyone. Hope I may see you there!

I know that tickets may well have run out now - but now it's time to book your Workshops!!


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