Omega Ukulele Competition Results and my Apology

1 Jan 2015

Omega Ukulele Competition Results and my Apology

Hi folks! Far later than I expected to be writing this, but I know many many people have been awaiting results from the competition for the 5th birthday to win all the ukulele goodies.

For those not aware, the simple fact is that I was rushed into hospital before Christmas with Heart Failure and only recently now been discharged. I am much better health wise, but a long road and programme ahead. Unfortunately that has led to Got A Ukulele being unavoidably left well alone for the last couple of weeks.

Looking forward, things will get back to normal  -just bear with me!  Can I also take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank your for best wishes messages from readers and friends which have really humbled me!

Moving on - the draw was made shortly before I was taken ill and there were MANY entries - the correct answer was found by most people and the name of the new Omega uke in development is the Klasiko uke. You should have found the correct uke on their website on the link below...

Below are listed the lucky winners - and thanks to all others who entered.

FIRST PRIZE (Zedro Uke) - Jody Bray - Lancing, UK
SECOND PRIZE  (Clip on tuner) - Caroline Pocklington, UK
THIRD PRIZE (Toe Tapper) - Michael Smith - Glasgow
FOURTH PRIZE (Capo) - Stephen Butler - Pembrokeshire
FIFTH PRIZE  (Belt Support)- Lucy Farrar - Conwy

Thanks all for your patience at this difficult time!


  1. So sorry to hear whatp you've been through. That sounds very scary! I do hope you are now well on the road to a full recovery and best wishes for a hey and healthy 2015

  2. Swift recovery Baz. Did no other countries enter? Surprising.

  3. Bloody hell, and there was me whinging about having the flu and a fever over Christmas! Glad you're ok and on the mend. :)

  4. Yeah, some other countries entered, but not as many as I was expected - draw was conducted by my 5 year old daughter so as fair as I could make it!

  5. Yes Kyle - came as a hell of a shock - without wishing to be too maudlin about it - on the rush in to Casualty - I was pretty touch and go apparently

  6. We are all just very relieved and pleased to know that you are out of hospital and one the mend! That's the best prize! :-)

  7. Congratulations to all the winners and good to know that you're on the mend Barry!

  8. Good grief Baz, just catching up after Xmas/new year and came across this. Thought you'd been quiet recently! Awful for you and yours but glad to hear you are on the mend. Best wishes for the coming year and your continued improvement!

  9. Baz, we haven't met yet but, thanks to your very personal style of Blogging, I feel we have. As a result I would like to add my very best wishes for your speedy and complete recovery.

    And, thanks for your quick reply today, to my question about Mainland Ukes - I will follow it up pronto.

    The Pheasant Plucker Aka The Pleasant Plucker


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