Chonkinfeckle's Chonkin' Tunes Day

29 Jan 2015

Chonkinfeckle's Chonkin' Tunes Day

Just something ukulele based that I wanted to give something of a plug to. Something that I think we should see more of and may help to get some, dare I say it, out of their ruts - the Chonkin' Tunes Day open mic sessions in Wigan hosted by the mighty Chonkinfeckle.

Chonkin Tunes Ukulele Open Mic

There are so many clubs around the world now, and most uke players I know get involved with one or more of them, but you really can't beat a good open stage, a microphone and a sound system to really test your mettle. I think there should be more of that - just get up and do a tune people! And that's what Tim and Les from Chonkinfeckle have had set up now in their home town of Wigan, every Tuesday night at the Raven Hotel (on Wallgate).

As my readers may know, I have been off the stage for some time now, not having played in anger since August, and then hit with an illness over Christmas. It was therefore encouraging when Tim and Les are giving you a nudge to 'get back on the horse' as it were, and so it was this last Tuesday I made the trip up the M6 to Wigan for a blast with the boys.

They've got a great setup and all a performer will need (PA, microphones, lines if you want to go electric) and if you want some accompaniment from Tim on drums, or Les on harmonica or uke they will be only too happy to help you out. It drew a great crowd too - not just performers wanting their go, but locals who come in to listen to the entertainment.

And it comes with a proper Wigan welcome - how anyone can not be encouraged to get up and play with these two guys at the helm is beyond me.

So a plug post, yes, but also one of thanks to them both for having me up there. Did a few numbers, felt rather rusty, but most importantly had a load of fun. Some more pictures below.

I'd encourage you (whether local or not) to make the trip - Tuesdays from 7.30pm - great fun!

Chonkin Tunes Ukulele Open Mic Chonkinfeckle with Baz Maz
Chonkin Tunes Ukulele Open Mic Les Hilton and mandolin
Chonkin Tunes Ukulele Open Mic Jean Caunce


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