Ukulele Hangers - REVIEW

23 Aug 2014

Ukulele Hangers - REVIEW

Sometimes things come along which are just so simply brilliant that it is a joy for me to write about them. Such is the case with Ukulele Hangers.

ukulele hangers

Hanging ukuleles (or, indeed, other instruments) is something a lot of people like to do. It keeps them off the floor, off stands that can be knocked over, and it also makes a music room look just great in my opinion. There are a range of yoke type hangers on the market, but I have never really been a fan. Most of them require some pretty heavy duty screwing or bolting to the wall for security and that is a hassle I don't really need. I would also be concerned about the cheaper ones as to what sort of foam padding is used on the part you hang the ukulele on - with vintage finishes this foam can react and destroy the gloss on the back of the neck. As such, i've never done it.

ukulele hanger attached to tuners

Then Jon from Stable Yard Music got in touch with me asking that I take a look at his ukulele hanging product. As I say above, its so simple it's brilliant!

They are made from tough 550 Paracord and come in a range of bright colours and just simply slip over the top two tuners of your uke with pre knotted loops. These can be tightened by hand to secure them (though I didn't really find that necessary) and that leaves another loop sticking above the uke for hanging on a wall hook. And that is it! You can also leave it on the instrument when you are playing as it really doesn't get in the way of anything, and the tuners are still perfectly useable.

hanging ukulele

And rather than over charge for something quite so simple, they only cost £1.49 and can be shipped worldwide.

I suppose they sit in that 'why didn't I think of that?' category, so hats off from me to Jon. And at that price, you can also put them in the 'why would I not spend £1.49 on these?' category too! I think they are great for just leaving on the uke or keeping in a gig bag - you never know when it will come in handy and they weigh next to nothing.

The Ukulele Hangers can be purchased through his website at Highly recommended.

ukulele hanging on wall


  1. I use these all the time although not with such fancy knots, good review Barry

  2. Cheers Barry,
    order 5 they and came today.
    3 in use already, 2 waiting for ukuleles pending.

    Dave from Devon

  3. Wonderfull made one for me doublenecked guitar works well. I have 400m of powerchord So I need more ukes.


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