EEK For Eurovision - Bingy Bingy Bangy Bong.

13 Aug 2014

EEK For Eurovision - Bingy Bingy Bangy Bong.

I can't resist getting behind this song.  A little while ago the excellent Omega Music launched an online competition called the Ukuvision Song Contest 2014, in which people submitted videos of original songs which then went to public vote to win a Kala Uke.

Matt from Omega got in touch today to tell me that Martyn 'Eek' Cooper who wrote this one is going to submit it for the actual Eurovision Song Contest 2015. And you know, he is just about crazy and loveable enough to pull it off.

Martyn, better known as his clowning alter ego 'Eek' is a well known face on ukulele circuits over here in the UK, and has performed at the largest festivals. He's also a very funny and jolly nice chap. Here he is on stage at the 2013 Grand Northern Ukulele Festival (thats him on the left!) with Phil Doleman, Tony Casey and Mary Agnes Krell. He also compered the Saturday.

Anyway - enough waffling, here's the video.  Give it a like!


  1. At last! A reason to watch the Eurovision Song Contest! If only Ireland had agreed to enter "My Lovely Horse" they'd be neck and neck to the finish line :-)

  2. Wouldn't it be superb if Britain went #bingybangy!


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