The Biddulph Ukulele Day 2014!

15 Jul 2014

The Biddulph Ukulele Day 2014!

I love a ukulele event, especially a new one - and Biddulph Ukulele Day in the UK on July 12 was just that.

Held at two locations in Biddulph town, the event was organised by the Biddulph Ukulele group and was aimed at bringing some tuition, guidance and plain good old fun to the town.

Things kicked off with workshops from two of the UK's finest players and teachers - Phil Doleman and Peter Moss, and the day then developed into an open mic, mass jam session at the Biddulph Town Hall. Phil and Peter then took to the open mic stage later on in the day to perform a blistering and unrehearsed set that blew the audience away.

The evening had booked our band The N'Ukes, and we can say that the stage was one of the nicest we have performed on. Many thanks to John Hayley for the sound and lighting rig. Take a look!


We loved it and reports from the full day was that the audience were thrilled with it too. I do hope they repeat it as they have the makings of something great going on.


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