Time Of The Season - The Zombies - Ukulele Chords

2 Feb 2014

Time Of The Season - The Zombies - Ukulele Chords

Browsing Youtube last night I came across this track which I love. Also very easy to play on the ukulele! Pattern is the same throughout, and video at the end to play along with!

Time Of The Season by The Zombies

It's the [Em] time of the season
[C] When the love runs [Em] high
In this time, give it to me easy
[C] And let me [Em] try with treasured [G] hands

(to take you in the [Em] sun to) promised [G] lands
(To show you every [Em] one)

It's [D] the [C] time of the [G] season for [Am] lov [E] ing...

What's your [Em]name? (what's your name)
Who's your daddy? (who's your daddy)
[C] (He rich) Is he rich like [Em] me?
Has he taken (has he taken) Any time (any time)
(To [C] show) To show you [Em] what you need to [G] live

Tell it to me [Em] slowly) Tell you [G] why
(I really want to [Em] know)

 It's [D] the [C] time of the [G] season for [Am] lov [E] ing

 (organ solo; same chords)

 (repeat verse 2)

 (organ solo over Em...C to fade)


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