Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain 2013 - Diary, Day 3

24 Jun 2013

Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain 2013 - Diary, Day 3

Well after all the excitement and stellar performances on the Saturday, our Sunday was a much mellower affair in Cheltenham.

The organisers set up a mass busk in the town (sadly we didn't attend, but I understand it went very well), and various other attendees went to the numerous workshops that were continuing on the Sunday.

For us though, a big breakfast and a lazy morning, then off to the Exmouth Arms for the open mic performances. Thankfully for us, for as long as we stayed the rain held off too!

A nice debrief / setting the world to rights with Phil Doleman and Ian Emmerson, and one by one our friends and guests started arriving. James Hill popped over (and was promptly congratulated on his incredible set) and told us that he thought the end finale of the Saturday night was the best he had ever been involved with. High praise indeed for the organising team.

N'Ukes at Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain 2013
N'Ukes looking bleary eyed after long weekend!

Three of The N'Ukes did a spot at the open mic which was fun (with percussion kindly provided by Paul Mac of The Bradford Ukes), and N'Uke Steve attended Phil Dolemans fingerpicking workshop which he thoroughly enjoyed. But all too soon it was time to say goodbyes and head home. Made a lot of new friends this weekend (you know who you are), and hooked up again with many old ones too.

Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain 2013 Open Mic
The Open Mic gets going

I have pulled a few other random pictures off my camera below to compliment the other festival diary posts I've done over the last few days, but without a doubt my favourite photograph of the weekend is the one below taken by Paul Mac. Here's James Hill with Paul's 'reflecto ukulele' it's priceless!

James Hill with Paul Mac's reflecto ukulele

And from one festival to another, Paul is on the organising committee of the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in Pontefract on 12-13 October. We will be there and hope to see many of these faces again. Take a look at their website at and get yourselves booked!

So.... until then!

Reso uke!

N'Ukes ukulele jam with Simon Grove
N'Ukes jamming with Simon Grove

Ken Middleton

With friend of Got A Ukulele - Jamie Wright (was good to meet you buddy!)

N'Ukes at Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain
Ready to watch the performances

Simon Grove applauding the (rather brilliant) finale song


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic Ukulele weekend!!! From the pictures it also looks like the weather was perfect!!!! Sure wish I could have been there.

  2. This is an excellent summary of the whole event - vert well done. However I think we need to be careful not to shout about it too much otherwise we won't be able to get tickets for the next one!


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