The pUKEs Fanzine - REVIEW

30 May 2013

The pUKEs Fanzine - REVIEW

This was a pretty cool thing to drop through my letterbox recently - them wonderful pUKEs have followed with punk tradition and launched their own fanzine!

pUKEs ukulele fanzine cover

Written and designed by the band members, this 24 page mini mag comes in full retro punk style of the likes of Sniffin' Glue and Sideburns (it even opens with the words 'Here's 3 Chords, now form a band!). It's billed as 'The Official Zine of the Ukulele Anti-Society For Punks'

Inside we have features from band members, other uke and punk players, a chord chart and (brilliantly) the chords and lyrics to The pUKEs Will I Learn and Because You're Young. Elsewhere, pUKE Danielle Greenwood interviews Gus and Fin, and they have re-printed some of their brilliantly written (and darkly funny) mini ukulele reviews.

pUKEs ukulele fanzine

It's brilliantly put together, and knowing how this band are going places, I'd suggest you grab one - might become a collectors item!

You can grab your copy via the pUKEs Merch page. Recommended!


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