The Muckers - 80's ukulele medley

24 Feb 2013

The Muckers - 80's ukulele medley

I've posted about these guys before - as we are lucky to have them join the N'Ukes at our open ukulele jam each week.

Another great vid from the Malbank Ukulele Club in Nantwich (known to us as The Muckers). They played us this in the pub a few weeks ago and had us all smiling. Their 80's medley on ukes and stylophone. How many songs do you know?

And and 80's medley is quite a thing from a bunch of players who range from 16 to 18 in age!

From left to right - say hello to Matt, Marc, Jack and Alice. Do them a favour and give the video a thumbs up!



  1. These guys are great!!! Thanks for sharing the video I really enjoyed it.

  2. Great music. Smile.
    I especially liked the plucking in one of the middle songs.

  3. Very nice video. I had never seen the instrument, the stylophone, before. Thanks for sharing this with us! Great to see the young folks playing and having a good time too!! :)


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