Ukulele News - 20 January 2013

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20 Jan 2013

Ukulele News - 20 January 2013

It's Sunday, so time for another round up of ukulele news from around the world.

ukulele news

Our band, The Nantwich N'Ukes are appearing on local radio today to talk all things ukulele. From 6pm, and you can listen online all over the world! RedShift Radio


No, it's not THAT Chris Evans


Say hello to the Carlisle Ukulele Group


York Ukulele Festival


Win a Tiny Tim Wig (and no, I have no idea either...)


Compulsory  Shimabukuro story of the week...


They are using that 'Cheap' word again. Why do some like to do the ukulele down in that way? Is cheap good?


More next week!


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