Centerfold - J. Geils Band - Ukulele Chords

8 Jan 2013

Centerfold - J. Geils Band - Ukulele Chords

Another one that is pretty easy to play on a ukulele even if the content is probably somewhat questionable by todays standards!

Centerfold by J. Geils band. Video at the end of the chords!

Only bit to watch in this is that final change from F to C which is kind of a quick change on the half beat - the other chords are pretty bang on the rhythm of the song.

G, F, C, F - C x2
Come On!
G, F, C, F - C x2

[G]Does she walk? [F]Does she talk? [C]Does she come comp [F]lete? [C]
[G]My homeroom homeroom [F]angel always [C]pulled me from my [F]seat [C]
[G]She was pure like [F]snowflakes no [C]one could ever [F]stain [C]
[G]The memory of my [F]angel could [C]never cause me [F]pain [C]

[Em]Years go by I'm looking through a [Am]girly magazine
And [G]there's my homeroom angel on the [D]pages in-between

My [G]blood runs [F]cold my [C]memory has [F]just been [C]sold
My [G]angel is the [F]centerfold [C]angel is the [F]centerfold [C]

My [G]blood runs [F]cold my [C]memory has [F]ust been [C]sold
      [G]                   [F]              [C]angel is the [F]centerfold [C]

[G]Slipped me notes [F]under the desk while [C]I was thinkin' [F]about her [C]dress
[G]I was shy I [F]turned away [C]before she caught my [F]eye [C]
[G]I was shakin' [F]in my shoes when [C] ever she flashed those [F] baby-[C] blues
[G]Something had a [F]hold on me when [C]angel passed close [F] by [C]

[Em]Those soft and fuzzy sweaters Too [Am]magical to touch
Too [G] see her in that negligee is [D] really just too much

My [G]blood runs [F]cold my [C]memory has [F]ust been [C]sold
My [G]angel is the [F]centerfold [C]angel is the [F]centerfold [C]

My [G]blood runs [F]cold my [C]memory has [F]ust been [C]sold
       [G]                 [F]              [C]angel is the [F]centerfold [C]

Na na naaa over G, F, C, F, C x 2

[G]It's okay I [F]understand this [C]ain't no never-[F]never land [C]
[G]I hope that when this [F]issue's gone I'll [C]see you when your [F]clothes are [C]on
[G]Take your car, [F]Yes we will we'll [C]take your car and [F]drive it  [C]
[G]We'll take it to a [F]motel room and [C]take 'em off in [F]private [C]

[Em]A part of me has just been ripped the [Am]pages from my mind are stripped
Oh [G]no, I can't deny it oh yeah, [D]I guess I gotta buy it!

My [G]blood runs [F]cold my [C]memory has [F]ust been [C]sold
My [G]angel is the [F]centerfold [C]angel is the [F]centerfold [C]

My [G]blood runs [F]cold my [C]memory has [F]ust been [C]sold
       [G]                 [F]              [C]my angel is the [F]centerfold [C]

Na na naaaa over G, F, C, F C once with slow end on the F and C

1, 2, 3, 4

Then repeat chorus lyrics with backing singers providing Na na na na na naaas!


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