SineQuaNon - I've Just Seen A Face

28 Dec 2012

SineQuaNon - I've Just Seen A Face

A search of the word ukulele on YouTube will flood you with thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of home video recordings. It get's quite tough to weed through them and find some gems, but occasionally I do.

This band, called SineQuaNon recently put this one up. Also one of my favourite Beatles songs. I think this is just great.



  1. Absolutely brilliant. Great band. Do you have any more info on them, recordings etc?

  2. Wish I did - was a new find for me. Will get in touch and keep you posted,

  3. Thanks for sharing this, they are very good and their English is very good too. It isn't completely ukes, but they have another recording on YouTube via . They also have a Facebook page at .

    I like their sound and let's hope they do more recordings as time goes on.

  4. yes hooked up with the singer on Facebook - they are from Ferrara in Italy.
    Lot of talent.


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