Ohana Competition - THE RESULT!

2 Dec 2012

Ohana Competition - THE RESULT!

Ok folks - time to draw the winner in the Ohana Competition I have been running! Who has won the ukulele??

I had a staggering amount of entries (nearly 900) for the competition. Not everybody got the answers right though, so of the several hundred that did, I put the correct names in the hat and a name was pulled by my three year old daughter!

Ohana SK25 ukulele

MANY Congratulations to Lynda McAfee of Madison, WI, USA - you are the very lucky winner and I will now ask Ohana to get this great instrument winging it's way to you!  Let me know how you get on with it as I am sure Ohana would like the feedback!

For everyone else who entered, here are the correct answers.

Q1 was Who said the following of Ohana Ukuleles: "If you'll get to deal with Ohana you'll see you will always find people with no shadows and a high grade of humanity. That's why Ohana is my favorite ukulele brand.

Sadly, it wasn't me who said it (although I share the sentiment) but it was Lorenzo Vignando - also known as Ukulollo - (I accepted both answers) and the answer is on THIS PAGE

Q2 I asked what wood was the top of the Ohana TK-50WG made from. This one generated all sorts of answers, but the correct one is Solid Cedar - which can be seen on THIS PAGE

Many Many thanks to all of you who entered and keep an eye on Got A Ukulele as I hope to be running some more competitions very soon!

And lastly - many thanks to Ohana Ukuleles for donating the prize and helping me celebrate the birthday of Got A Ukulele.

Keep strumming everyone!


  1. Congratulations to Lynda - what an awesome Christmas gift she will be getting this year!

    Thanks to you and Ohana too Barry for running such a fun contest. And again, Happy Blog-a-versary!!!


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