Brittni Paiva - The Christmas Song

12 Dec 2012

Brittni Paiva - The Christmas Song

I can honestly say that Brittni Paiva's style of playing (the feeling she puts in to her picking) is quickly making her one of my favourite ukulele players to listen to.

This is just lovely. AND - thanks to those who set me straight on this - Brittni made the tab for this available for a free download HERE



  1. This is beautiful, and I would really love to learn to play it. So I downloaded the tabs, and sat down to watch the video and along with the tabs try to learn just the first bar... but is it just me? The first bar of the tab doesn't seem to match what she is playing. I even tried playing the vid in slo-mo and it just doesn't seem to be the same as what she is doing.

  2. Addendum to first comment, I want to be clear I'm not complaining, I'm really really grateful that Brittni was generous enough to provide the tabs, I'm just trying to learn and I'm confused. So I decided to just try learning directly from the tabs and not watch the video at the same time. This is working out much better. Maybe by next Christmas I'll be able to play it!


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