Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon - Ukulele Chords

12 Nov 2012

Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon - Ukulele Chords

Werewolves Of London by Warren Zevon -  a great tune for the uke off his Excitable Boy album.

full moon werewolf ukulele chords

A point to make first - the song is originally piano driven (see video at end of this post). That said, the piano chord riff is actually pretty simple so I sat down last night to get the chords on to the ukulele. It's in D, though could easily be transposed to suit your voice.

For absolute beginners, the basic progression is just D, C, G all the way through the song, over and over. You could happily play it or accompany just playing those in time with the looping riff. However, if you listen to Zevons original, there are more than three chords as he plays a couple of variants with each of the three. Thankfully, on the uke to get the same sound it's just a case of a bit of hammering on or off an extra string. (I think I have them about right, but probably not bang on to the original  but think this works..)

So, the D phrase is actually two strums, but moving from D6 (2222) to D (2220). I find the easiest way is to use a full barre with the forefinger then relax the finger a little and roll the barre on to the GCE strings - essentially all you want to do is remove the sound of the C note that is played in the D6. The C is played as two strums moving from C6 (2003) to standard C (0003) (in other words just hold a normal C with your forefinger on the G string second fret for one strum, then release it for the second C strum).

When it comes to the G, the riff is just four strums of the G, but on the third one  you release the finger on the E string to play just 0202 (G6)  before moving back to the G (0232) for the fourth strum.  Confused? I have added a soundcloud sample at the end to help you out!

So - for absolute beginners, the progression throughout is:

DD, CC, GGGG over and over.

For the extra frills as below it's

D6 D, C6 C, G G G6 G

Other problem - hard to get the chords on to the lyrics in the right place, as such I have just placed the key D, C and G chord places in the first line or two to show where they come in but remember to play the two D's, two C's and four G strums for the basic pattern. Again - check the video and the soundcloud clip at the end to help you.


D6 D, C6 C, G G G6 G (x 4)

[D]I saw a were [C]wolf with a Chinese [G]menu in his hand,
[D] Walking through the [C]streets of Soho in the [G]rain.
[D]He was [C]looking for the place called [G]Lee Ho Fook's, 
Going to get a big dish of beef chow mein.

[D]Ahh [C]wooooo... [G]Werewolves of London,
[D]Ahh [C]wooooo! [G]
[D]Ahh[C]wooooo... [G]Werewolves of London,
[D]Ahh [C]wooooo! [G]

You hear him howling around your kitchen door,
You better not let him in.
Little old lady got mutilated late last night,
Werewolves of London again.

Ahhwooooo... Werewolves of London,
Ahhwooooo... Werewolves of London,
Ahwooooo! Huh!

He's the hairy handed gent who ran amok in Kent,
Lately he's been overheard in Mayfair.
You better stay away from him, He'll rip your lungs out, Jim, 
Huh! I'd like to meet his tailor.
Ahhwooooo... Werewolves of London,
Ahhwooooo... Werewolves of London,

Well, I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen,
Doing the Werewolves of London.
I saw Lon Chaney, Jr. walking with the Queen,
Doing the Werewolves of London.

I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's,
And his hair was perfect.
Ahhwooooo... Werewolves of London,
Huh! Draw blood!
Ahhwooooo... Werewolves of London...



  1. Thanks Barry! one of my favorites!

  2. It's an actual fact (1): Warren Z made up the lyrics (in response to a bet) to 'Werewolves of London' over the riff (& chords) to 'Sweet Home Alabama'. So if you're having trouble with the strumming, do what Warren did :)
    It's an actual fact (2): Lee Ho Fook's was an actual restaurant, on Gerrard St W1. It's now Dumplings' Legend

    1. True and true. I ate at the restaurant many years back. They had a picture of Warren in a frame on the wall


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