For Sale - Big Island Concert - all Koa

26 Nov 2012

For Sale - Big Island Concert - all Koa

Never tried my blog as an option for selling a uke before - but here goes.

Before I go for a dance with the eBay devil, thought I would offer this here first. But please - for now this is a UK ONLY listing as I get petrified about overseas shipping (seen too many snapped necks and squashed bodies...)

Anyway - for sale is my all solid Koa Big Island Concert ukulele. You may have seen the review of the uke on this site HERE and that I gave it one of the highest scores on the site. This is a jumbo body concert in solid and quite beautiful Koa. Finished in a lovely deep and well applied gloss.

So, why am I selling it?  - well I mainly play only my tenors and sopranos when gigging, so this uke has virtually no play whatsoever - literally a couple of times. As such it is in MINT condition - not a scratch. Would rather someone did play it, and I will use funds to grab something else to review on this site!

I have fitted a strap button myself, and changed the strings to Worth Clear Dense - which really suit it. It also comes with a pod style case.

The new price is now £380 for these and the case is £25 or so. As the uke is virtually unplayed was hoping for about £320 for the lot.  Can be picked up or I can arrange UK shipping at cost to be agreed.

It really is a stunner as you can see. If interested - ping me an email on and we can discuss!


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