Neglected Ukulele Book

18 Oct 2012

Neglected Ukulele Book

Yesterday I had another instance where somebody who had sent me kind words about my first ukulele beginners book, What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know, didn't know that there was a follow up book.

More Of What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know

My second book - More of What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know was published about a year after the first book, and either I didn't mention it much, or dear old Amazon etc haven't done the right thing to let buyers of the first one know it was available!

Anyway - like the first, it is cheap to buy and expands on beginner tips, by moving into more general advice and support for a player who had gotten to grips with the basics. It includes advice on playing live, practice routines, starting clubs and the like and also introduces a bit of basic theory. I like it!

For those who bought neither book, the Omnibus edition is probably the place to go as this collects the first two books in one volume. But if you already bought the first one there is little point going to the Omnibus - cheaper to buy the second book as a standalone title.

Anyway, book plug over - reviews of it welcomed as always, and perhaps this will alert a few readers that it actually exists!



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