Ukulele News - 16 September 2012

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16 Sep 2012

Ukulele News - 16 September 2012

Seems to have been a quieter week for ukulele news stories, but still - another week, another set of links for you all!

Nice piece about Sam Bonnano - founder of Kamoa Ukuleles


Little Instrument - Big Impact!, yeah - I like that headline!


I kind of get tired of newspapers running the same old story about the ukulele being in a boom over and over again. But when they talk to someone like George about it - I sit up and read!


And why not - more from the UOGB


More on the Wine Country Ukulele Festival. I spoke to Ken Middleton today who was there with Ohana Ukuleles and said it was a great event.


Oh heck - the ukulele has a contender.....

More next week!


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