More from the N'Ukes ukulele fest

26 Sept 2012

More from the N'Ukes ukulele fest

Couldn't resist sharing some more pics from our ukulele weekender - this time courtesy of N'Uke Keith and his good lady Polly.

Time also to say a huge thank you to her - she follows us to these hare-brained gigs and shows and is always there happy to help out. I owe her a huge thanks for being a childminder above all else. Cheers Poll, and thanks for the pictures.

And.... I have just learned - we had some donation buckets dotted around the place and earned a couple of hundred pounds to Macmillan Cancer Care. Thanks all!

Malbank Ukulele Club
Malbank Ukers Matthew and Alice - they joined us for our full gig later that night.

Mark from Malbank Ukulele Club
Malbank Uker Mark in his solo spot featuring much of his own songwriting.

Stephen and Rekha from Chester Uke Players at N'Ukes fest
Stephen and Rekha from Chester in their duet with tin whistle! (plus that uke I covet!)

Chester Ukulele Players who put on the biggest set of the afternoon.

Terry Talbot at the N'Ukes fest
Terry Talbot - some pretty dazzling banjolele skills!

Can't wait for the next one!


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